Sunday, October 28, 2007

Still Trying

Today Julianne was switched from 90 minute feedings to 85 minute feedings. It's amazing to me how big of a difference 5 minutes makes! She hasn't done that great with it, but then again she hasn't done too, too bad either. She threw up during all but one of them. She holds on until the very end. Then about 2 minutes before the feeding ends, she throws up. It is definitely less than she used to throw up and its not yellow. So, its really just milk...not stomach acid. I don't really know if that's anything to be happy about, but it makes me feel better.

We are really hoping for some progress this week. Its so tiring for her to gag, wretch and throw up so often. For us its hard to watch her suffer. But, like we've said before, we're thankful that this is her only issue at this point.

Thank you for your faithful prayers for Julianne. We're so anxious for everyone who's prayed for her for so long to meet her.

Spending all day in a hospital room with a digital camera yields A LOT of pictures. Here is a small sample of this weekend's photos:

Julianne checking out her Grandpa

Ever so persistently trying to grab her NG tube!

Much to her mommy's relief...something to grab other than the tube!

About 1 minute before throwing up

Something new to look at!

Oh, and by the way...GO RED SOX!


Julie Miles said...

Thanks for the recent pictures of your precious little girl! Sounds like she's slowly making progress if she's only spitting up milk! We're still praying you can get back to your own home soon and also praising God for all the progress Julianne's made so far!

Anonymous said...

Julianne your team, the Boston Red Sox, won the world series! Hoorah!

Her pictures are so so sweet!I hate to have to leave again but I'll be back! Kisses and hugs, Grammie

Anonymous said...


My mail seems to not get through.
This is a test.

Anonymous said...

Jessica and Family,

I finally have gotten through. Julianne is simply gorgeous. My prayers have been with you all along her journey. Thank God for her great strength and willingness. You guys have become great parents instantly so it seems, what a love, huh? I hope to meet her soon and will keep praying for all of you.

Take care,
Kathy Fernandez Cheramie

Anonymous said...

I just love all those pictures. She is just adorable. What a special little girl to be loved by soooo many people!!!


A. Stac

Anonymous said...

We can't wait to see that adorable babe in person! Meanwhile, the pics are great. Thanks so much for posting them, for sharing Julianne's journey with us, and for your faithful submission to God's glory. Love, sherry and paul z.