Friday, October 12, 2007

Sorry No Update Yesterday

We were both pretty tired by the end of the night.  Julianne seems to be having a lot of trouble keeping her feeds down.  She threw up all but one tube feeding last night.  So, I spent most of the night up and down changing blankets and shirts and towels.  Of course, I also wanted to just sit and watch her get her feeding to make sure she didn't throw up and I'd be sleeping and the nurse wouldn't notice.  I felt like a cat, just getting to sleep in short intervals.  She has to be able to eat, I believe its 50 cc's, from a bottle (and keep it down) before we can leave.  We've only gotten to 7 cc's in the last couple of days.  Now she's just being tube fed because she's having such a hard time keeping it down.  We're going to try a small amount in the bottle later today.
Really, that's been our only set back.  Julianne's chest x-ray came back good, hearing test was perfect and they were able to successfully draw her labs today (yesterday they couldn't find a vein).  They also took out her pacing wires.  Soon we'll have a completely wireless baby.  All she has left are the leads to monitor her heart, her pulse-ox monitor cord and the feeding tube.
We got to take Julianne for a ride around this floor in a stroller yesterday.  That was pretty fun for us!  I took pictures, Kent pushed.
One more thing, we went ahead and purchased our airline tickets for next Thursday.  The worst that could happen would be that we'd have to change it, right? 
Thank you for your prayers for Julianne and for us.  She really is doing well aside from her feeding issues.  God has comforted Kent and I through the surgery and all of the major stuff that's gone on over the last 3 weeks and I know He will continue even now as we try to get her to eat.

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Anonymous said...

i can't wait to see you guys come home with her!!!
Keep up the good parenting!!!

Anonymous said...

Fabulously good news! Praying for a well-fed, fat little Julianne, sherry and paul z

Anonymous said...

God has answered all of our prayers. That's wonderful news that in just a few days you all will be heading home. We can't wait to see the three of you.

Continued thoughts and prayers.....

A. Stac

Anonymous said...

Our prayers are for a restful night for all of you and for Julianne to keep those feedings down. We know you are ready to head home!
Ernie and Carlette B.

Naomi said...

We will pray that Julianne is able to keep her feedings down. I know that can be frustrating but she is probably trying to play "catch up" as far as the feeding part goes. She do it !! We are glad to hear everything else is well.
Love Aunt Naomi

Anonymous said...

vtbcqWow! She is really changing and getting more beautiful! My computor was down for 3 days and I couldn"t wait to catch up on Julianne. Clay had a small heart condition that required no surgy but he would get so tired even when he ate. It does take alot of energy. Hopfully as she gets some nutrition to hold itwill help her alot. Also Candace had alot of trouble her first 3 months. I coldnot beleive how much she woul throw up. It seemed like it would double in he Little stomach before it came up. She also would Scream from 5-9 every night. My doctor said she was having spasms in her stomach and she wold out grow it. Thank God she did and I am praying Julianne will also. She has come such a long way and she,ll get through this too. My prayers are with all of you. A Franklin