Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pleasantly Surprised!

The doctors have been pleasantly surprised by Julianne's success yesterday and today with a bottle. She's still consistently taking 10 - 15 ML over the course of 15 minutes without throwing it back up! This is a great improvement from our bottle attempts 2 - 3 weeks ago. Julianne gets tired out really quick. So, right now all we can get is 10 -15 minutes awake and drinking. As she learns how to coordinate breathing, sucking and swallowing she'll build up her endurance and be able to stay awake longer.

I'm so thankful for Julianne's improvement with the bottle. Its very encouraging to know that she's doing that.

One thing they worry about in babies that have spent a lot of time in the hospital is that they'll be behind in their development. So far she's watching a mobile and any other toys I put in her bed. She reaches out towards her poodle rattle but doesn't grab it yet. Julianne is starting to lift her head a little. Even though we can't put her on her belly, she lifts it when we're holding her in a sitting position. This morning she repeated the "ohhh" sound to me three times! I'd read on the development chart that she should be getting close to repeating sounds. She's also tracking objects and people with her eyes. The occupational therapist thinks that Julianne is where she needs to be at this point. However, if they notice she's behind in any way they will recommend us for early intervention. Part of one of the Children's Hospital studies that Julianne is involved in also tests her development. That will be done at 14 months. So, if any problems are noticed at that time we'll be able to address them.

Thank you so much for your prayers and words of encouragement. Kent and I remain hopeful that Julianne will go home with no feeding tube. Even if she does we're thankful that she's doing so well. She seems to have no heart function problems at this time, just occasional extra beats. :)


Anonymous said...

We are sooo glad to hear she's doing better and better each day. I'm going to have to give you a picture to put up so she'll learn to say A. Stac first..... : )

We can't wait to see the blog note saying "WE'RE GOING HOME!!!!"

We continue to keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers.

hugs & kisses

A. Stac

Anonymous said...

That's great news!
Give Julianne a big kiss for me!!
Love ya'll!!

Anonymous said...

today is the first day i've been able to read the blogs and catch up with julianne's progress since you arrived in n.o. we were all so excited to see pics and hear the great news. she's so beautiful and we thank you for sharing her and y'all's testimony through this with us. we continue to pray for y'all and continue to praise God for His mighty miracle!
erin c. and family

Anonymous said...

Great news! We love to hear of steady improvement. Julianne is truly a very special little girl. We pray that God will continue to watch over her and you.
Ernie and Carlette B.

suzette said...

Such wonderfull news!!

She is such a blessing!

Hopefully she will be going home soon and she can lay down her head in her own bed. She will have so much to look at in her beautiful room that has been so lovingly prepared for her.

Hope to see you all soon.

Love Aunt\Great Aunt Suzette

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are one step closer to home! You are both a great witness of faith ! Julianne will develope fine because you are interacting so with her. Up until Candace reached 3 months old she too would fall asleep after 10 min. of feeding. I had to keep a wet wash cloth and wash her little face to try to get her to finish. I know circustances are different but I wanted to share that with you, Thanks for all you've shared with us. Love in Christ, A. Franklin

Mark said...

In your short e-mail update entitled "Pleasantly Surprised!", I was struck by the similarities with CS Lewis's "Surprised by Joy".

Our relationships on earth, when infused with heavenly love, become something greater than ourselves.

Kent and Jessica, the love that you have manifested for your young daughter, often times brings a tear to my eye at the end of a busy day.

In fact, when I have had an awful day, I am always pleasantly surprised to find this e-mail update which shows y'all persevering in love for the most precious member of your family.

Standfast in faith because God of the Bible makes no mistakes.

Mark Fee