Saturday, October 6, 2007


Well, we don't really have anything new to update other than what we posted earlier today. It was a pretty quiet evening. My dad got here around 3:45. They also started Julianne's feeding tube again. She seems to be doing well digesting the milk.

So, here are some new pictures:

This one was taken on Tuesday out of the ICU before Julianne had her very scary night. It was her first full outfit...with pants and everything. Unfortunately, this was the shirt she was wearing that they had to cut off of her during "the episode." But that's okay, a shirt we can replace.

This one is from last night, sleeping peacefully before we left for the night.

Julianne's feet were cold today, so I put her slippers on. :)

Wide Awake! But still pretty calm from the narcotics.

Julianne listening carefully as her daddy reads her a bedtime story about the "bedside toys."

Under the heat lamp with a little towel visor her mommy put on her.


Anonymous said...

I thank God for seeing those beautiful eyes of hers! I continue to hold up all of you in earnest prayer. Joan

Anonymous said...

Just wanted you to know you still have prayer warriors in Mississippi! I check on her everyday and pray. Thanks for filling us in and letting us know exactly how to pray. She is a gorgeous baby!

Anonymous said...

She looks so cozy under her blanket. I love the pictures of her wide wake. We can't wait to see her!!!

We love you all!!!

A. Stac

Anonymous said...

We check the blog everyday as well, sometimes multiple times! We especially like the pictures. They make feel like we're there with you and hope you feel that way too when you read all the comments. You are all so special to us. We will keep praying you all home!

Love, Judy & Neal

Drew Caperton said...

I know I haven't commented a lot, but I wanted you both to know that the Lafayette Capertons support you guys all the way.

Julianne's eyes are so pretty. Just wanted to let you know we're praying for you.

Anonymous said...

She's so beautiful!!!!
I just want to hold her!!!

George said...

God bless this sweet little baby. ...we're all praying for her. (I'm getting the blog news to Grandma Sarah...)

Suzette said...

The pictures are wonderful.

I am sending my prayers from the Blue Ridge mountains. I know that if God watches over the little birds of the forest he cares so much more for precious Julianne.

God Bless you all and I love you!

Aunt-Great Suzette

Anonymous said...

Precious precious baby! My love to all including Grammie and Grandpa
(thank you for the updates)

Aunt Sarah

Naomi said...

She is so cute and her eyes are so intent on taking in all around her.

Love and Prayers

Aunt Naomi

Mark said...

She is precious!


Anonymous said...

There are a whole bunch of people in Arlington, Texas who have been lifting you in prayer since before Julianne was born and continue to pray daily. Julianne is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to keep us updated.

Anonymous said...

So glad that we're seeing improvement with this precious baby. Prayers are with you all, Troy (Kent's Dad)

Anonymous said...

We at F.B.C. continue to lift little Julianne up to the "Great Physician". She is a beautiful baby girl. Her eyes, in the picture of her daddy reading to her, are so intent on every word he is reading. What a wonderful picture.
God Bless you all,