Monday, October 1, 2007

Out of the ICU!

That's right! We were released from the ICU onto "the floor" this afternoon. It's definitely scary being out of the ICU and away from the constant attention of the nurses. We certainly miss our favorite nurse, Megan. Kent and I get to be a lot more involved in her care now. We check her diapers and change them. We change her clothes. We take her out of the bed and hold her without the help of the nurse. Scary, but at least its another step closer to home.

Its also a little stressful because its not a private room and our roommates are frequently fighting and cursing at each other. Not exactly the environment we'd choose, but hopefully we won't be there long. Kent is spending the night with Julianne tonight.

Here is a pic in Julianne's new room and also some pics of her in the outfit WE dressed her in.

Tonight they started Julianne on Sodolol for her arrhythmia. She'll get that three times a day and they will do daily EKG's for the next few days. Then on Wednesday they'll do another study using her pacing wires to make sure they can't make the arrhythmia come back. That's how they'll know the medicine is working. What happens is that she'll have an extra heartbeat and then it will cause a rapid heart rate. So, they're getting her medicated for it so that it won't happen when we leave. Dr. Breitbart said this is something she can potentially outgrow.

They've given us all the paperwork about the different drugs she's on and what side effects to look for. We also have paperwork on what to look for to recognize potential problems after we get home. Kent and I will definitely be studying those papers.

Finally, here is a video from this morning in the ICU that I just couldn't resist posting.

Thank you for all of your continued prayers, support and words of encouragement. We are truly thankful for each and every one of them.


Anonymous said...

What FANTASTIC news!!!! She is so close to coming home to meet the rest of her family, and we are anxiously awaiting for that.

We are thrilled that she is moving along so fast. It's TERRIFIC!!!

We continue to pray that she makes a speedy recovery, and it looks like it's working....... : )

We love you all and can't wait to see her in person.

Luv & hugs
A. Stac

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news ... and what a opportunity for you in the room God chose to put her in. Praying for both of you, Julianne, and her roommates!

Neal & Judy

Anonymous said...

Your little angel is so blessed to have you for parents. We continue to lift ya'll up in prayer and praise God for how well things are progressing. We will also keep your roommates in our prayers too!
Erin C.

Scott, Rebecca, Wyatt & Baby Girl Butcher said...

Wow! She is an overachiever! Already on the floor!!! That's awesome! She looks absolutely adorable in the little outfit you put on her! I know you must love being able to get to do more "normal" things with her...although she will always be extraordinary! I shared your site with another HLHS family in NC so we've got more prayers coming your way!
Many Blessings~ Rebecca

claire m. said...

Praise God! Will the doctors give you papers on how to survive the terrible two's as well? That would definitely come in handy-haha! Julianne is so blessed to have such caring, thorough, and attentive parents who are consumed with every aspect of her well being. I'm sure you are setting a great example for the parents of Julianne's roommates!

suzette said...

I am sure it must be a little scary to be out of the ICU area.

But I know Julianne is safe under the watchful eyes of God and her loving parents!

I am sorry that you all have to be subjected to the terrible drama of your roomates. I agree that you both are a great example that will hopefully rub off on them.

Love you all and look forward to seeing you all home soon!

Aunt Suzette

Anonymous said...

She's adorable, and so are her parents! The video is awesome - Julianne is so alert and active, that must be a very good sign of how well she is doing. I know it's scary to think of bringing her home and being "on your own." That part is scary even for new parents who don't have medical concerns! God will give you grace and strength as needed - although sometimes it will not FEEL like you have enough!

Continuing in prayer,
Sherry and Paul Z.