Sunday, October 21, 2007

Oops...she did good!

So, Julianne just "accidentally" got her feeding over 1 hour instead of 1 1/2 hours and she did great! No gagging, no uncomfortable squirming, no fussing...nothing! She also held down her last two feedings before this one. My mom had been telling me about how she used to have to give me Mylacon before each feeding when I was a baby because I was a projectile vomiter. She said it kept me from vomiting. So we asked the nurse about giving Julianne some Mylacon this afternoon and she gave it to her. Her feeding right after the Mylacon couldn't have gone better. She looked so comfortable. The next feeding brought on a little squirming, but that could've been because she was doing some business in her diaper too. We made sure the next nurse gave Julianne her dose of Mylacon with her other meds this evening. Then, Julianne was given the one hour feeding (it didn't say in her chart how long she was getting fed, just how much). We were totally in shock that she was just sleeping away. I hope, hope, hope it just wasn't a fluke. I hope we found the solution. The nurse said she'd try 1 hour , 15 minutes at her next feeding. We'll let you know how it goes.

In the mean time, here are some new pictures of Julianne:

All bundled up!

Showing off her massive bicep muscle

Getting her tube feeding while in her sling...or should I say, half way out of her sling.

Julianne likes to have her legs stretched out while she's getting fed. Today was the first day I used the sling. It worked well. It held her upright for the whole feeding without making me feel like my arm was going to break after holding up 7lbs for an hour and a half.


Anonymous said...

My sweet ones, I hope and pray too, that this helps Julianne solve her feeding issues and gives her mommy and daddy some well deserved rest. God Bless you three ! Love you , Grammie

Anonymous said...

That is soooo exciting to hear!!!
You're mom is a genius!!!
Love ya'll!

Scott, Rebecca, Wyatt & Baby Girl Butcher said...

Awesome news! Like mother like daughter I guess?! It was definitely a good day in Boston yesterday! Congrats!!! ~Rebecca

Anonymous said...

We also hope this solves her problem, too. We are anxiously waiting to see when you-all are able to come home.

We continue to keep everyone in our thoughts and prayers. We'll see you soon!!


A. Stac

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, that "all bundled up" picture is just too sweet for words! Give Julianne a special kiss from all the folks here at The Plains Church. love, sherry and paul z

Anonymous said...

YEA! Grammie knows best! I hope your day is joyful as you bond with your little cutie pie.

Love you bunches
NSG Aunt Sarah

ps: go red sox

Matthew Hughes said...

That is awesome. A mother knows best. My kids were raised on Mylacon. It is a great sleep saver.
Also anything from Hylands is awesome and natural. Here is the website:

suzette said...

Great news!! I have been praying that God helps her with her feedings.

Good advice from Grammie about the Mylacon!!

The pictures are sooo cute!!

Love to Jessica,Kent and Julianne.

I pray that you will be home soon.

Love Aunt Suzette

Naomi said...

I love how her Nu-nu is color coordinated with the sling!

Love Aunt Naomi