Friday, October 19, 2007

One Month Old!

That's right! Today is Julianne's one month birthday.  She already seems so different from the day she was born.  She turns her head to see us.  She looks at the pictures in her books when we read to her.  She stretches her legs out when we unwrap her blanket (instead of just crying like she used to do).  For the first time ever she didn't cry when she got her diaper changed the other day!  She just lied there and looked at us.  Its really exciting. :)

As for feeding news, she threw up everyone of them today.  So, that was a little discouraging.  That really is the only thing keeping us here now.  Today Dr. Breitbart talked with us about possibly transferring to a hospital in New Orleans to work on feeding.  Since its not a heart issue keeping her in the hospital, he feels that she would do just fine in a New Orleans hospital.  Plus, it would give her local doctor and the hospital a chance to get to know her and her condition.

One exciting thing that happened tonight was this.  A family that we know down the hall said that their baby was having a vomiting problem while doing his feedings.  So, they'd hold him and set him up through the whole feeding and burp him, and he did fine. So, we tried it with Julianne on her last feeding, and no vomiting! We're hoping that it's really working. We hope that it will continue to work throughout the night. If it continues to work, Jessica will be up with her burping her every other hour and a half. Please pray that she will keep her strength throughout and this experiment is successful.

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Anonymous said...

You guys are the most precious wonderful parents.

I love you all
NSG Aunt Sarah

Anonymous said...

Happy one month old birthday Julianne!I really hope this new idea works for you all and I am praying that it will. love you , Laura

Naomi said...

Thats a good idea. Actually thats how Oma taught me to burp Crystal!!! Sitting up.
Love Aunt Naomi

Katrice said...

One of my twin boys- who only weighed 3 lbs and 13 oz. when he was born- had reflux HORRIBLY!!!! EVERY feeding was sitting up, NO swing, NO lying down, NO holding like a baby, slept in a baby plastic bathtub that kept him upright. IT WORKED! Not every time, but that along with the medicine kept MOST of it from being projectile when it did come back up. His formula was so thick that I just had to cut the whole top of the nipple off. We had every wedge they made trying to get him to sleep upright UNTIL I thought of the bathtub - it was the cheap kind from Walmart that I stuffed with his bedding and baby pillows at the bottom so he could not slide down. When it's your'll try anything! We're praying that this marks a new turn for Julianne and you can get her home! Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Julianne! We praise God for you and for your progress. Every step is an important one and a witness to God's care and love. Have a wonderful weekend!

Love, Judy

Anonymous said...

Wow, one month already. Time really does fly by. And this will never change. I was teary-eyed when Brant came home the other day with the order form for his senior ring!

Before you know it, you'll be ordering hers. Hold on tight, you're in for the ride of your lives.

We can't wait to see you-all.

Hugs & Kisses

A. Stac