Friday, October 5, 2007

Closing the Chest

The surgeons are going to close Julianne's chest around 10:00 AM EST today.  She's "negative" as they call it.  Which means she's gotten rid of a lot of fluid.  So that's good.  Its also good they're closing her chest because it is vulnerable to infection being open.

Both her blood pressure and heart rate look good this morning.

We'll update more as we get more information.

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Anonymous said...

Great news!!!! We'll keep her in our prayers that she has a peaceful day because, of course, it's Friday!!!

P.S. I know Ashlynn is working on something for the baby..... : ) Maybe she's starting her X-mas gifts early.... : )

We love you all!!!

A. Stac

Naomi said...

Oh good, I will continue to pray for Julianne's recovery and strength for her parents and grandparents.

Love Naomi

suze said...

So happy to hear that they are closing her up today!! That is a great sign, that things are looking up!

Thank you for the pictures, they make you want to give her a kiss on the forehead.

I love the picture of the two of you by her side reading her bedtime stories. She is so blessed to have such loving parents.

I love you and continue pray that all goes well today.

Love Aunt and Great Aunt Suzette

marilyn englert said...

We're following Julianne closely and praying for her and her wonderful parents and family. Your news today is very encouraging as is Hannah's. May our dear Lord continue to bless and take good care of you all.
Hannah's Mimi and Papa (Marilyn and Brent)
P.S. Jessica, please have your mom call me or email me about the stethescope. Hannah is still in #3
and you can get my contact info from Jason. Thanks!