Thursday, October 4, 2007

Clamping off ECMO

They've weaned down Julianne's ECMO support a little this morning and we just got word that they're now going to clamp off the tubes and see if she can do the work on her own.  They'll keep her connected for a good while to make sure that she's ok before they take her completely off of ECMO.

So far, her heart rhythm has remained like it arrhythmias.  

She will be closely watched and hopefully all will go well.  The nurse did not know if they will close her chest right after they remove the ECMO canulas or if they'll need to leave it open a little while because of swelling.  That will be up to the surgeon.

Please continue to keep Julianne in your prayers and thank God for her progress. 

Thank you all for your constant encouragement.

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Anonymous said...

You all are on my heart and mind all day. Love Aunt Sarah

Julie Miles said...

Glad to hear that Julianne's starting to get weaned off the ECMO! Praying that it goes well and that she doesn't give you any more trouble :-)

God Bless!