Friday, October 26, 2007

Belly Problems

So yesterday was a good day. We did our thing with Julianne, with no further positive push toward our goal in feeding. We had lots of fun visiting with family.

She had a good night, actually slept for most of it, but come 7am this morning, there was a little bit more in the diaper than we wanted to see. When I changed her there was blood mixed in with her stool. It wasn't much, but then as soon as I changed her, she went again and there was more blood. So the doctors decided to do some testing, including belly x-rays and blood work. She's down to being on an I.V. for her nutrients, and will be off bolus feeding until tomorrow or Sunday. I changed her again about 30 minutes ago and there was blood, but less than this morning.

The blood is red and not black. So that indicates something going on in the lower G.I. rather than the upper. The x-ray results did not show any of the more serious problems they were looking for. Also, no infection since they did not see any air bubbles. Her blood count lab came back good. Her hemocrit (I don't really know how to spell that word) levels were good, so that means that she is not losing a significant amount of blood. The doctor compared it to a scratch. Her white blood cell count and red blood cell counts were normal as well. In addition, her blood gasses were fine too. The doctor also said bleeding can occur with a high calorie formula (Julianne is at 28 calories now).

So, they're giving her belly a rest today and possibly tomorrow. She'll just be getting IV fluids. Hopefully it is something that will resolve itself with rest. If not, they will do another study in which barium is given via enema and then watched as it goes through with an x-ray.

Please pray that this will be a minor complication and will be easily resolved. Thank you so much for checking in on us and for praying for our baby girl.


Anonymous said...

so glad to hear you are in n.o. we will pray for healing in julianne's tummy and that the bleeding stops. my kids want julianne to know that they love her and keep praying for her.
erin, caroline and conner c.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for the continued GI troubles. The lab values are good news though. I know it must be great to be with family again.

Love NSG Aunt Sarah

Anonymous said...

We will continue to pray that all is well with the stomach issue. She's a tough cookie and will get through this.

It's good to have you all in the neighborhood!!


A. Stac

Mark said...

Gosh, I had NO idea that parents had to know so much and to be so exacting with their care of their newborn infant. Yes, yes, for all paying attention here Julianne's situation is vastly different from other newborns but I marvel over what we know to aid and support the newest of life. Kent and Jessica, may God's peace be with you and His healing hand on your daughter....

In Christ,

Naomi said...

We are so happy you all are here !!
Julianne is even more precious live! One day at a time with feeding.

Love Aunt Naomi