Monday, September 24, 2007

Surgery, Day 1, part 1

Well, right now we're waiting.  Last night they told us that the surgery would take place early this afternoon. This morning they told us of another surgery going on this morning that would be rather long. They said that Julianne would be scheduled for mid to late afternoon.  Since then, they have said that another operating room has been opened up, and depending on staff capacity, they might get to her sooner. It is now early afternoon, and still no word yet to when her surgery is.  There'll be another update as soon as she goes in, so everyone will know when to pray.  Thanks again so much for your prayers!

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Sarah said...

Baby Julianne,

We just finished praying for you as you enter into the operating room. We know that God has had His hand on you from before you entered this world and will continue to. His plan for you is going to be wonderful and from the pictures and video, we can already see how amazing you are to all who know you. We will keep you in our prayers and are looking forward to meeting you!


Matt, Patti & Sarah Galey

Jim said...

We are praying already! Jim & the Riverside Staff