Thursday, September 13, 2007

39 Week Appointment

Not dilated at all. Interesting...

So, we're scheduled to be at the hospital on Wednesday, September 19th at 9:15 AM to start "step 1" of an induction process, which is some type of gel. This will not require any additional monitoring or IV's or anything. Then, if that doesn't work, on Thursday morning at 6:15 AM they'll start an induction with Pitocin. Brigham and Women's Hospital still has to confirm with Children's Hospital that they have CICU beds available and the pediatric and cardiac associates will be available for the birth. If, for some reason, they're not available the dates may change.

Of course, Julianne could come any time before then. So, if we don't have a baby before then, we'll have one by the end of next week.

We are so nervous, but also excited. Thank you for your continued prayers.


Lorien said...

Just letting you know that we're praying for you. :) Will and Lorien

Anonymous said...

You know you all are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. We're sorry we can't be up there when you deliver. We're so anxious to meet her. You'll do fine. This is such an exicting time!!!

Luv ya
A. Stac

Matthew Hughes said...

We are praying for you this week.
We miss you here in LA.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jessica! I hear you met Giacomo Billeaud's parents. Jennifer is the niece of my friend Cheryl. When I heard you were both in Boston, I told Cheryl you had to meet one another. We are all praying for you at school! I keep up with you through your blogs and Wendy and Beth.
Patty Marx