Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sorry, Its Been A Few Days

Sorry about the delay in updating, but here's what's been going on.

Thursday I had an ultrasound and an appointment with the OB doctor that I'm seeing here. They estimate that Julianne now weighs about 6lbs 7oz. So she weighs more than my Chihuahua now. :) That was good news.

One disturbing thing that happened is that apparently the doctors in New Orleans were incorrect and a normal birth poses absolutely no additional risk to Julianne. A cesarean will provide no benefit for her, just additional risk for me. My doctor in New Orleans said the baby will not survive a natural birth so I'd have to have a cesarean. The doctor here strongly encouraged me to not have a cesarean, but to wait until I go into labor and have her normally.

That was a little frustrating for Kent and I. Its not because we're bummed about not having a cesarean. Its frustrating because we thought we'd have her in about 2 weeks. We thought her surgery would be over in 2 1/2 weeks. We thought we'd be going home in about 6 weeks. We thought we had a good picture of what her birth would be like and what we'd need to be prepared for mentally. All that is changing now. We will wait until I go into labor on my own. They are not going to induce unless I go past 40 weeks. So, it could be another month before we meet Julianne and that is hard. Its like ordering something really cool on the internet and being told it will be 3 - 5 days for delivery then finding out its on back order for 4 weeks...except 100 times more disappointing.

We want her to be healthy and big and to do what's best for her. I know that God has her birthday all planned out and that he will guide us every step of the way. I just feel unprepared, I guess.

I had a fetal echo on Friday. Everything still looked about the same as far as the Doctor could tell. He said that once the baby gets this big, its really hard to see the heart. That will be my last fetal echo. She'll have an echo within 6 hours or so of being born though. The doctors have some minor details they need to look at and are not able to see on the fetal echo.

In other news, we're going to take our first bus/train ride tomorrow. We'll be going to church. I'm hoping we can get out and do some Boston-y stuff this week since I only have one Dr. appointment and its not until Thursday.

Also, my dad was in town for one night because he was in the area on a business trip last week. So, that was cool to have a visitor. He had a rental car so we got some items from stores that we needed. :)

Finally, below is a picture that I took today. We saw this right down the street from the Devon Nicole House:

In case you're wondering, the car did not run over the geese. :) Why did the geese cross the road, anyway?


katie said...

Jessica--I know it's incredibly hard to wait for Julianne(David was 2 weeks "overdue")but God in His providence may be protecting you from yucky complications from Major Surgery or helping Julianne's lungs to be strong and healthy to draw as much oxygen in as her little heart needs. His protection and strength will be with you, as you delight in Him and in this journey! We love you and pray for you every day, and for Julianne and for Kent.

Mark said...

I think the geese were evading 'capture' at a slow rate of speed!

*See the front end of the squad car in the photo?*

Stephanie Ochello said...

Jessica and Kent, Lorien gave me your blog site and I want to encourage you about the surgery. I am a home health nurse in Lafayette and I've seen so many miraculous babies come home after serious heart surgery right after birth.What a beautiful story of how God is caring for all of you and a wonderful story to tell her about as she grows up! This will be but a "hiccup" in her 1st few years of life. I would be honored to help in whatever way I can. Stephanie Ochello