Friday, July 13, 2007

Various Updates

Yesterday I had an appointment with the Perinatologist (the high risk doctor) that we see. She said the Atrial Septum, which is the hole that needs to stay open in Julianne's heart, is still open. So, that was great news. She did put me on "light duty" at work, so no more going up and down stairs and I have to sit down every 3o minutes. Also, she has me going for twice weekly non-stress tests now (I had no idea what that was. The nurse said they check the baby's heart rate, reactivity and check to make sure I'm not having contractions). She did this because she said Julianne is "skinny". All the books and trackers I've looked at say that a baby at this stage should be about 3lbs. According to my doctor, Julianne is approximately 3lbs, 3oz right now but her head is measuring at 31 weeks and her belly at 29 weeks, so maybe that's where the "skinny-ness" comes in. We're going to follow her advice and go for the non-stress tests. I asked her how I could make the baby bigger and she said, "be a couch potato." :)

In travel news, we've booked the airline tickets and secured our living accomodations at the Devon Nicole House while in Boston. We depart on August 21st.

Finally, one last piece of info, my last day of work is August 10th, 4 weeks from today. :)


Anonymous said...

Enjoy being a couch potato while you can. Once she gets here, you're free time will be gone until she receives 18 years old!!!

A. Stac

Greg & Alice said...

We are praying for you all. We were also talking about how we have always wanted to see Boston. Maybe you can put a couch in the back of a cab or something. - Greg & Alice